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Webkraft is a full-service design house in Mumbai.

Internet in recent times has not only revolutionised busines but has changed our perception of traditional way of doing business and created a new economy which by its sheer size is rapidly growing in leaps and bounds.

Whether you sell products or services online or not, in today’s world its imperative to have a corporate presence on the Internet. Else, as you must have noticed that people simply don’t take your business seriously if your company does not have a website. A nice corporate site definitely increases the image of a company especially if it has great product or service related content to go with.

Connect to Webkraft - The SEO Expert - The SEO Consultant - The SEO Company in mumbai and connect your business to the internet and exploite the oppurtunity through the digital world.

What are the Charges for Website Development & Website Designing ?

Webkraft - The SEO Expert - The SEO Consultant - The SEO Company in mumbai offers the following services at the most competitive price.

Website Designing Development & Publishing (Static) Per Page A4 Size @Rs 2000/-
Minimum charge for a website @Rs 15000/-
Hosting & Annual maintainance charges applicable will be Rs 2000/ p.a. starting from the begining of 2nd year.
Customised email-id will be provided without any charge up to 1 email IDs.
Additional email-id will be charged @Rs 1000/- per email id. Additional Applications like Image Slider will be charged extra @ Rs 1000/- per slider.
1 contact form will provided free only on the Contact Us page,every additional contact form will be charged @ Rs 500 per contact form.
Customized Google Search Box will be charged @ Rs 500 per page/per box.
For dynamic Websites the rates will be Rs 4000/- per dynamic page A4 size.
Minimum charge for a dynamic website @Rs 25000/-

Note: The above charges do not include domain name registration and renewals, graphic designs & photography if any, additional specialized software/application and service tax or any other levies.

SEO - Charges for Search Engine Optimization @ Rs 12000/- Per Month, Duration: 6 months to 1 year an hour a day, 5 days in a week.

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